Fees Breakdowns


Warrior Lacrosse Fees Breakdown

In order to continue to provide a positive experience to our players, fees can vary from season to season based on costs associated with running the club.


‚ÄčWe do our best to offer a high quality, reasonably priced uniform.  Players will be allowed to keep their uniforms at the end of the season.  



The club does own all of it's equipment (goals, balls, field paint liners) which over time needs to be repaired or replaced. The club also owns all the rental equipment (sticks, helmets, chest pads, elbow pads, gloves, goggles) which also from time to time needs to be re-certified (helmet;safety), repaired or replaced.



When the league started in 2011 the game of lacrosse was completely new to the community, and therefore so were the referees. Over time our local referees have made great efforts to become familiar with the game in order to provide a better level of officiating. With better quality officials comes a higher cost per game.  These referee fees also increase by age group.

Games and Practices

Each team is guaranteed between 8 and 12 games per season depending on the availability of local competition.  In addition, high school teams will have practice 3+ times per week, while youth teams will practice 2-3 times per week.


Tournament Entry

The Warriors teams try to play in at least one tournament each season. The Washington Invitational (youth only as of 2020) is comprised of select local teams, teams from Chicago and also teams from outside of IL. In addition, a team could register for a tournament in the Chicago area. Each tournament requires a fee per team which is covered by Warriors registration fees.  Tournament participation is not guaranteed as we do not want to put any Warrior player in an unsafe playing situation.


Field Rental Fees

Starting in 2020, the Warriors have partnered with Millennium Futbol Club to allow access to Nord fields for practices and home games. This space will allow the Warriors a venue with proper drainage, lights (for evening games, if necessary), and an overall better playing surface than some of our previously utilized locations. This space does have fees associated with it, which are included in Warriors registration.