INSURANCE POLICY - Bloomington Normal Warriors Lacrosse is an active member of US Lacrosse and receives insurance benefits from this affiliation.  To comply with this program we require 100% of the players and/or coaches who participate in the team or league’s events to be a current US Lacrosse member for any events where coaches or board members are leading the event.   The coach or board members running the events are responsible for verifying current US Lacrosse membership before activities begin and explaining this rule to those invited.  Proposed events which would not comply with this policy must be presented to the Board for prior approval and must allow time for insurance or risk mitigation arrangements to be made in advance of the event.  Additional information is available at www.uslacrosse.org and www.bollingerlax.com.

REFUND POLICY- If a player cancelation is received before the event or first practice begins the registration fee will be refunded less a $10 cancellation fee.  After the start date, participants will not be eligible for refunds.  All equipment and uniforms must be returned prior to consideration of the refund request. Also, US Lacrosse registration fees go directly to US Lacrosse and are not refundable. To request a refund, email us at .

TRANSGENDER POLICY - Bloomington Normal Warriors follow the events policy and recommended practices for the inclusion of youth transgender athletes.  The details of the policy can be found here https://www.uslacrosse.org/sites/default/files/public/documents/programs/transgender-policy.pdf 


CONCUSSION POLICY - Any time a coach or player suspects they may have received a concussion during a game or practice that player must be removed from playing that day and should seek medical attention immediately.  The player is not allowed to return to practice or games until they have been medically cleared by an appropriate health care professional.  Our policy is to be conservative in this area, and when in doubt, sit out.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT POLICY - For player safety, we adhere to the US Lacrosse equipment guidelines and all players must wear the required US Lacrosse equipment  to participate in any practice and game.  All coaches will enforce this policy for the safety of the players.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY - The safety of our players is our top priority. For this reason, the Bloomington-Normal Warriors lacrosse club will not host or participate in events when the temperature (including wind chill) is below 30oF . Based on information from the National Weather Service, a determination will be made each day before 2pm. If the temperature is projected to be below our designated threshold, all facilities will be close and parents, players, and coaches will be notified*.

*We encourage all club members to allow text notifications to their phones (free, but carrier charges may apply), so they can received timely updates on these changes.

Above this temperature, practices will be held at the head coach’s discretion. If practices are held in cold conditions, please make sure to dress appropriately and bring water in an insulated bottle (the body still needs hydration in cold weather).

Lightning - If lightning is seen or thunder is heard, then preparing for evacuation should occur. Once lightning is detected and felt to be within 6 miles, all individuals should already be in safe structures and practice should be suspended for 30 minutes. This requires awareness of the weather conditions as well as understanding how long it will take for participants and spectators to get to the safe structures.  Coaches have the discretion to cancel practice, they will not leave players unattended until all players are with parents.

Clothing Guidelines:

 In cold weather conditions appropriate clothing should be worn to prevent cold exposure.  Coaches should mandate the student-athletes to implement the following:

  • Wear several layers around the core of the body (especially those who are not very active).
  • The first layer should wick moisture away from the body (Dry Tech, Underarmor)
  • The top layers should trap heat and block the wind (fleece)
  • The outer layer should be wind and water-resistant or waterproof
  • No cotton as inside layer.
  • Long pants designed to insulate.
  • Sweatpants are a good choice as a base layer
  • On windy or wet days wind pants or a nylon shell should be worn on the surface layer
  • Long sleeved garment that will break the wind
  • Gloves
  • Hat or helmet to protect the ears (cover/tape ear holes of helmets for wind, cold protection)
  • Face protection
  • Moisture wicking socks
  • It is important that athletes avoid wearing multiple layers of cotton.  When the body sweats the cotton will become dense and permeated with sweat