Bloomington Normal Warrior Lacrosse

Board Positions


Executive Board (Board of Directors)

President - Principal executive officer and shall in general supervise and contrall all of the business and affairs of the club and its officers.  Preside at all meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors.  May sign with the Secretary or any other proper officer on legal matters.  Works to maintain relationships with other CILAX clubs.

Vice President - President Elect.  Preside at meetings and exercise powers of the President during the absence of the President.  Works to maintain relationships with other CILAX clubs.

Secretary - Keep the minutes of the members and of the Board of Directors meetings, logs to google drive for reference.  See's that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws or as required by law.  Custodian of club records.  Can sign with President, or Vice President, any document which shall have been authorized by the Board of Directors.

Treasurer - Have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds; receive and give receipt of monies due and payable.  Monitors and manages financial accounts.  Provides financial updates at all meetings, works with finance committee to establish the budget.

 Director Positions / Coordinators

Registrar - Use software (League Athletics) to set up registrations for club events, and season(s).  Provide board and President reports on registration, volunteers, uniform sizes, etc.  Support parents with registration questions or issues.  Work with Treasurer to make sure non-electronic payments are tracked and applied in League Athletics software.

Director of Girls Lacrosse - Attend Board and CILAX meetings as required.  Communicate league information.  Coordinate schedule of games for all girls' teams.  Distribute schedule to board.  Contribute to board as needed.

Director of Boys Lacrosse -  Attend Board and CILAX meetings as required.  Communicate league information.  Coordinate schedule of games for all girls' teams.  Distribute schedule to board.  Contribute to board as needed.

Director of Coaching -  Serve as liasion between the coaches and the board.  Instill "Positive Coaching" model in all coaches.  Promote fairness in practice / playing time at all levels.  Relay opportunities for US Lacrosse training.  Recruit coaches as needed.  Contribute to boad as needed.  

Communications Coordinator - Create online content that engages both players, parents, and coaches.  Create awareness for the sport of lacrosse.  Manage the development, distribution, and maintenace of all print and electronic collateral includeing but not limited to:  newsletters, brochures, blogs, facebook, instagram, twitter, and the Bloomington Normal Warriors website.  Act as a single point of contact for club communications.

Fields & Maintenance Coordinator - Work with schools, and Parks & Rec (Bloomington and Normal) to secure game day and practice space, coordnating with directors of boys and girls.  Manage volunteers to line/paint fields, and assist with pre and post game.  Contact company for portable restrooms for necessary locations, also determine opening of restrooms at Parks & Rec locations.

Equipment Coordinator - Organize and conduct rental handouts and rental returns.  Assist in fitting players with equipment.  Work with registrar to keep records of gear rental up to date.  Work with treasurer and registrar on fee's and deposit check acceptance and return.  Educate families on gear maintenace and care.  Identify gear needing repair or no longer fit for rental.  During off season organize gear in storage facility.  Order more gear as need arises and budget allows, working with Treasurer and President.  Keep "Game Day" boxes and coaches supplied with necessary supplies or equipment.

Volunteer Coordinator(s) - Acquire volunteer list from Registrar.  Coordinate game day scorer's table volunteers.  Give Field & Maintenace volunteer list to Field & Maintenace coordinator.  Track volunteer hours and communicate to board.  Line up concession volunteers for home games (get home game listings from Boys and Girls coordinators)  

Sponsorship Coordinator - Work to build sponsors of the club.  Coordinate sponsorships to the Treasurer and board.

Grant Coordinator - 

Fundraising Coordinator - Work with fundraising committee.  Identify fundrasing opportunities, present to board.  Work with communications coordinator to notify club of activites.

Website Coordinator - 

Online Store Coordinator - 

Uniform Coordinator - Work with President and Treasurer on uniform budget.  Develop partnership with supplier to provide the club with quality, cost effective uniforms, meeting US Lacrosse standards.  Present design / color options to board for approval.  Oversee ordering and distribution.  Answer questions from parents on uniforms if possible.

Club Picture Coordinator - Solicit bids for photographers for club photos.  Provide bids to board for discussion and approval.  Coordinate picture day.

Special Events Coordinator - Coordinate special club events including but not limited to:  Come Try It, Parade participation, Winter Clinic (First couple of nights for check-in's/equipment)  End of Season Party.


Discipline Committee - 

Finance Committee -