Jersey numbers can often be a symbol of identify for players. From time to time, conflicts will arise where multiple players will wish to select the same number as part of their program registration. To help eliminate conflict between players the following criteria have been established:

  • Any returning WARRIOR players will have first priority in retaining their WARRIOR jersey number over a player that is new to the organization
  • In the event that two WARRIOR players have the same jersey number and both wish to retain it, the priority will go to the player with the most tenure in the WARRIOR organization. This condition usually occurs as players change age groups
  • In the event that two new Warrior players request the same number, the priority will go to the player registered first online, this would be rare.

To help players pick and retain a number earlier on in their tenure with WARRIOR’S, a list is published below denoting what numbers have been taking by a player in a particular birth year. To completely avoid any potential conflicts, new players should pick a number that hasn’t been picked by a player in a birth year on either side of the player. For example, if your player was born in 2013, try to pick a number that has not been picked by a 2012, 2013 or 2014 birth year player.